Wild Bob's Musical Book Club explores how one creative work inspires another. The book club came to life in June 2014 with the simple goal of challenging local singer-songwriters to create and perform songs inspired by the monthly book selection. 

Our monthly book club takes place the second Friday of each month at Lindbergs on Historic Commercial Street, featuring ten to fourteen local singer-songwriters performing original songs inspired by the monthly book selection for a live audience. The expert bartenders at Lindbergs create a unique book-themed cocktail each month, and our friends from Copper Run Distillery sometimes join us to sample out small-batch spirits. During intermission, the wonderful folks from Bookmarx host a book-themed trivia competition. 

Our Mission

Wild Bob’s Musical Book Club presents book-inspired music through monthly concerts and community outreach to celebrate local songwriting, encourage literacy, and enrich our local creative community by providing a place to explore how one work of art inspires another.